Diving with Dive Dominica

Dive Dominica is located on-site at Castle Comfort Lodge. Their prime location on the south-west coast of the island means you’ll only have a short 15 minute boat ride to most of the islands top dive sites in the Scott’s Head Marine Reserve. 

Morning 2-tank boat dives are included in our diver package rates.

The Boat Diving Schedule

dive dominica dive staff taking dive gear to the boatDive boats depart at 8:45 am each morning for two-tank boat dives. We ask our divers to be on board by 8:30. If we have your dive equipment, or you are renting our gear, our staff will have delivered it to the boat for you. Once on board we do ask that you double check that all is in order and that all of your gear accounted for.  If you are Nitrox certified and plan to dive with Nitrox please let us know when you register so we can be sure to set up a Nitrox tank for you. You will still need to analyze the tanks once on board.

Once everyone is settled, the boat captain will give a boat safety briefing, then off we go on the scenic motor for the mornings first dive. The dive sites to be visited any given day will be determined by a number of factors including guest requests, weather, availability and dive master/boat captain preference.

Once at dive site the dive master will give a thorough briefing, after which divers are free to enter the water. Dives last for approximately one hour, shorter for those who consume air faster.  At many of the sites visited, the mooring ball is within 15′ – 25″ feet of water, enabling the safety stop to be “built in.”  Divers need not follow the dive guides in a close group, but we do ask that you keep the dive master within sight, which ensure you are also within his/her sight.

divers, snorkelers and staff during a surface intervalAt the end of the dive we’ll head toward the next dive site, then change your gear over to a second tank while you relax for the surface interval. Depending on the sites visited and time spent at each, we are generally back at the dive dock no later than 1:00 pm.  We’ll take care of getting your gear rinse and stored so it is ready for you for your next dive day.

Afternoon boat dives can arranged with advanced notice and minimums.  A minimum of 8 divers is required for a one-tank afternoon dive; a minimum of 6 divers for an afternoon two-tank dive.  The dives depart at 2:00 pm.

For Night dives, we generally set off just before sunset so our divers can enter the water at dusk. This not only gives our divers a chance to get acclimated to the changing light, but enables them to witness the major transition that is going on on the reef, as the daylight workers slow their pace and head to wherever they call home for the evening, and the nighttime shift at first slowly emerges before picking up the pace for a night of hunting.

A complimentary night dive is included in the Winter Special packages with Castle Comfort Lodge.  Night dives may also be scheduled with a minimum of 8 divers. We try to keep them mid-week to accommodate the largest number of guests, but do let us know your preferred night when you arrive so we have the good chance to find other divers for that night.