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Hikes & Tours

What to Do in Dominica

Hikes & Tours

Hikes & Tours

We are your on-stop shop to experience all that Dominica has to offer:

  • Emerald Pool
  • Indian River
  • Trafalgar Falls
  • Boiling Lake
  • Freshwater Lake
  • Kalinago Territory
  • Fort Shirley & Cabrits National Par
  • and more…

Enjoy Photos of Dominica’s Natural Beauty

Thanks to Lureen Ferretti for sharing her photos (June 2008)


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See the whales and dolphins of Dominica. Twenty-two different types of cetacean have been sighted here.

  • Sperm Whales
  • Humpback
  • False killer
  • Fraser dolphins
  • Pilot Whales
  • Spotted Dolphins
  • Pantropical
  • Atlantic
  • Spinner Dolphins

Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours scheduled weekly. More info