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Champagne Snorkeling Tour

Champagne is a unique snorkel site… it’s a large granite reef 100 meters off-shore, starting at a depth of 3 feet and dropping down to 80 feet. It’s teeming with tropical fish including, Black Bar Soldier Fish, Squirrel Fish trumpet fish, porcupine fish and abundance of both invertebrate like pederson shrimp, arrow crabs, banded shrimp and squid.

The reef is cloaked in sponges, anemones and crinoids. A 250 year old wreck sits in 18 feet and one can see 3 fused cannon with planking. Very close to the shore-line are the “HOT SPRINGS” – CHAMPAGNE.

These geo-thermal vents in 3 feet pump hot fresh water and air bubbles from the sea-bed. Snorkeling through these drops of liquid crystal is like being in a glass of Champagne.


Equipment: All equipment included – snorkel vests mandatory.

Supervision: Divemasters/or dive guide will be in the water pointing out the wonderful things you can observe. Waivers must be filled out and signed by anyone going into the water.

Price: $30.00 US per person includes all equipment and snorkeling vest. Government Tax (VAT) not included. Marine Reserve Fee of $2.00 US is not included.


Kindly consult the Shore Excursion Manager on your ship for details about booking a snorkeling trip with us.



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See the whales and dolphins of Dominica. Twenty-two different types of cetacean have been sighted here.

  • Sperm Whales
  • Humpback
  • False killer
  • Fraser dolphins
  • Pilot Whales
  • Spotted Dolphins
  • Pantropical
  • Atlantic
  • Spinner Dolphins

Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours scheduled weekly. More info